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Word Game Collection(Free)

Do you like playing word games? With this app you can play 10 different games such as:

1:Word Search
This puzzle consists of a grid filled with letters. The objective of this puzzle is to find and mark all the words hidden inside this grid.

2:Fill-in the Words
This is a fill-it-in puzzle. The goal of this game is to place all the words in a crossword diagram.

3:Break the Code
Break the Code! The letters in this puzzle have been replaced by numbers. The challenge of the game is to find out which number belongs to which letter.

4:Word sliding puzzle
This puzzle is a combination of a word guessing game and a sliding puzzle.

5:A mess of Words
In this game, words have been split into pieces and placed in random order. The challenge of this game is to put everything in the correct order and guess the words.

6:The Game with 9 Letters
Find a 9 letter word in a grid filled with letters.

7:Guess the Word
The letters of a word are mixed in random order. Put the letters in the correct order and guess the word.

8:Missing Letters
The same letters are missing from a number of words, guess what the missing letters are.

9:The 4x4 puzzle
A unique word guessing game!

A memory game with words.

Don't you have an internet connection? That's no problem! You can play all puzzles anywhere, both offline and online
All puzzles can be played with English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch words.
More games will be added in the near future.


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